Washable makeup removers

Box of 16 washable make-up removing cottons

Soft and with a strong cleaning power, the washable makeup remover cottons are easily machine-washed. Take care of your face while reducing your ecological footprint with our reusable makeup removal discs. Ouboud is a French brand.

Included: Bamboo box and cleaning net
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In France, on a daily basis, each woman uses 6 disposable cotton pads per day, which makes about 2190 copies per. This figure is quite huge since makeup removal is an everyday activity. Per year, nearly 27 million kg of cotton are used to make these products. It is therefore essential to turn to reusable makeup remover alternatives.

The disks

They are circular in shape and are very soft to the touch. Also, they are ideal for sensitive skin because they are hypoallergenic since they are made from natural bamboo. The fact that you can wash them increases the life of our make-up removing discs.

The packaging

Our bamboo fiber make-up removal discs are packed in a very practical washing bag because it will allow you to keep your tampons. Also, our discs come in a neatly designed bamboo storage box.

Customer reviews

Users who have already trusted us have presented some reviews of our bamboo fiber makeup remover discs. They were marked by the softness of our records. In addition, customers appreciate the cleanability of our discs and their very long life.

Bamboo fiber makeup remover disc

This is another type of makeup remover. It is more economical than conventional makeup removers. The bamboo fiber makeup remover disc is natural and suitable for all skin types. They are therefore a great alternative to makeup remover cottons. It is ideal for removing makeup or for applying foundation. It is also very convenient because it can be used repeatedly.

Made with premium bamboo fibers, this makeup remover disc is gentle on the skin. Unlike many cotton pads, it is not filled with chemicals that are not only bad for the skin, but will end up polluting the sea, rivers, and soil when thrown away.

Buy less, choose wisely: that's the maxim. Quality, not quantity. It's the greenest thing you can do.
Vivienne Westwood


Using this type of makeup remover is pretty straightforward. Indeed, like any makeup remover, those made of bamboo fiber are quite effective. To remove your foundations and others, you just need to pass your make-up removing disc over the area to be cleaned. You must first soak your make-up removing disc with your cleaning product. This action must be done with delicacy and patience.

After using your bamboo fiber makeup remover disc, you must clean it to be able to reuse it. To do this, you can use the washing machine and restore shine to your wipe or opt for washing by hand with the help of a soap. Thanks to the bag delivered with the discs, you can easily store them in your washing machine.

Of course, when you want to buy a bamboo make-up remover, it is essential to know if it can be as effective as the cotton one. Bamboo makeup remover works as well, if not better than cotton one. Indeed, the strength of the bamboo fibers makes it possible to clean the face more effectively.

Bamboo is a very popular natural product. Bamboo fiber makeup remover discs are soft against the skin. This softness gives make-up removal a feeling of well-being and satisfaction.

This type of product is made from various materials (cotton, bamboo, hemp). Its manufacturing process is quite simple.  The fibers of these materials are woven into the desired shape to produce the makeup removal discs that will be used.

The bamboo fiber makeup remover disc is very durable. Indeed, since it is washable and reusable, it can undergo up to 600 washes. Thus, it can easily last for years and still be as effective.

If you are a professional in the field of body care for women, you can contact us to obtain our bamboo fiber make-up removing discs. We will give you a personalized quote according to your needs. So do not hesitate, contact us.