Bamboo cotton buds

Cylindrical box of 200 bamboo cotton swabs

No more plastic cotton swabs that pollute our soils. The fine bamboo cotton swabs do not break and are pleasant to the touch.

6,50 € (0,03 € / unit)
Included: Zero waste cotton swabs and recyclable cardboard packaging
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Eco-friendly manufacturing

Nature lovers will no doubt like the fact that bamboo cotton swabs are chemical-free. They are made from natural bamboo which is antimicrobial and antibacterial.


Cotton swabs are ecological since they degrade in nature and do not pollute the environment because they are compostable. Unlike plastic cotton swabs which destroy biodiversity, those made from bamboo protect nature.

100% natural

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Because it contains natural antimicrobial agents, there is no need to use fertilizers or pesticides while growing it. Bamboo has a low carbon footprint.


This is quite an interesting feature. Indeed, you can reuse the bamboo cotton swabs as you wish. It will therefore be possible for you to make another use of it with the recycled bamboo from your earpick.


When you use plastic cotton swabs, it is for one job. On the other hand, bamboo cotton swabs, because they are reusable, will save you money. You won't have to buy it all the time.

Bamboo is an increasingly used plant in the design of various products. Bamboo cotton swabs are cleaning accessories that have many benefits.

It is the very ecological alternative for cleaning and makeup using the cotton swab. It is very practical and just as effective as other types of cotton swabs. Bamboo being the material of tomorrow, tools made of this type of material enjoy a very good reputation among users.

This type of cotton swab has spiral shaped ends. Thus, the cotton swab cleans thoroughly. It was designed for people with reduced cavities. It acts like a small sweeper to remove debris more efficiently. In addition, it is stiff enough not to fray during use.

Cotton swabs

Strong and flexible bamboo sticks, spiral shaped cotton ends, our cotton swabs are effective and very pleasant. We are convinced that you will be won over from the first use.

The packaging

To ensure easy portability, our cotton swabs are packaged in organic cartons that will fit easily into your handbags. The rounded shape of these boxes gives it an eye-catching and elegant design.


While ear cleaning is one of the most popular uses for cotton swabs, they are commonly used in other areas as well. These other applications have their own special design requirements. For example, cotton swabs used to apply colored cosmetics can be made with special tips made from non-woven fibers. In addition to personal care, they can be used for industrial purposes. For example, long-handled wooden cotton swabs are designed for sampling microbiological cultures. The doctor uses them for example to take a mouth swab.

The essential elements in making the bamboo cotton swab are cotton and bamboo. The bamboos are harvested, cleaned and dried. Once dry, they're cut to the length and shape you want and paired with natural cotton to make the cotton swab we all know. It should be noted that the manufacturing process of bamboo cotton swab is 100% natural.

As mentioned above, the incorrect use of cotton swabs can cause irritation and injury to the ear canal. It is therefore not advisable to wash your ears with cotton swabs. These could leave debris inside the ears and create other problems such as eczema, or block the ducts.

According to specialists, people misuse the cotton swab for cleaning their ears. If they enter deep into the ear canal, the cotton swabs could injure the eardrum and create complications. So, it is advisable to use them just for cleaning the exterior to preserve your hearing health. It must therefore be used with care and gentleness.

We often tend to believe that by wetting your cotton swab, it will be more effective. This misconception is wrong. Indeed, it is not necessary to moisten your cotton swab with water before use. Even dry, it will do the cleaning job expected of it.

Other methods are used to clean the ears without a cotton swab. The most popular is the oriculi. It is an instrument from China and Japan. This ear cure is very practical and does not have cotton at its ends. It's the curved tip like a spoon that removes dirt from your ears. All you have to do is remove the dirt with a cloth and continue using it.

Cotton swabs are widely used around the world. The world market for cotton swabs represents a volume of approximately 600 billion units. Factors such as increase in population, increase in hygiene awareness and increase are the causes of excessive use of cotton swab. However, the growing concern over marine plastic litter reduction is expected to hamper the overall market growth. Indeed, to protect nature, it is therefore vital to reduce the production of plastic cotton swabs and opt for biodegradable alternatives.